Our rates are comparable to national rental houses but in most cases include accessories for free.


For more information, call (207) 756-4515 or email.


 Telmax Teleprompter 


Canon c300*

A great camera for all uses.  A beautiful HD sensor means you can use it for high end commercial work and, because of its manual camera components and xlr mic inputs, there's no need to dive into pages of screen menus or use troublesome audio inputs.  Images look amazing right out of the camera.

Comes with:

  • 4 - Cannon BP955 Batteries w/ charger
  • 3 - 32g CF Cards
  • Lenses (14mm, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm, 28-300mm)


The fastest teleprompter setup in the industry. Great for locations and bright enough for outside. Operator available if needed. 


Dana Dolly

The Dana Dolly is the best of both worlds for dolly systems.  It is compact like a slider but smooth and stable like a full size dolly.  It travels easily in its hard case.


34' Production Camper*

Fully equipped 34' camper with 13' slide out.  Plenty of room for make-up and wardrobe.  Has heat and AC. Also includes vehicle to transport camper during shoot. Our driver will set up camper and has production experiences to assist during shoot. For more info and images click here.


Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver 

Makes run and gun shooting easy and still gives a full HD image for the director or client to view.  Eliminates cables to get twisted around or trip over.  Especially good for steadicam, jibs, or dolly shots.
Comes with all necessary power supplies and batteries. HD monitor available for additional fee.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone

This self-stabilizing drone makes grabbing aerials a breeze. Our kit comes with everything you need to fly the drone along with an extra battery and replacement propellors. 

Trade-mark R Productions has a small van package that includes: lights, grip, and audio gear.

Other gear available from local suppliers:  

  • 3 Ton G&E truck - Rascal Lighting and Grip - (207) 838-6050
  • Fully stocked G&E rentals and 40’x45’ Studio from High Output Portland - (207) 854-4737 or website

* proof of insurance required.